CIS Tax Return


Tax Returns for CIS Workers

If you're a CIS worker, you will in most cases be paid after a deduction of 20% tax, or 30% if your employer hasn't been given your UTR. 

As you are effectively a self employed person, you will, during the course of the year, incur business related expenses. These expenses will reduce your taxable income and as a result, you could receive a tax refund.

How can we help?

If  you are a CIS worker, the first thing to do is use our contact us form to provide us  with a summary of your tax  circumstances.

We will review your details and arrange to call you to discuss your requirements and gather some further details.

We can take away the hassle away from your CIS tax issues by providing a fair fee tax return service.


The service is carried out 100% online and we guarantee a timely turnaround. So you can have you tax return filed with HMRC in a matter   of weeks from start to finsh. 

What's next?

So once we have assessed your filing requirement with HMRC and you have agreed for us to carry out the work based on our fair fee quote, we will then request the information that is required to complete your tax return. 

We will claim the allowable expenses and 100% of any refunds will be paid directly into your account. We only charge a fair fee as quoted, where others charge unfair percentage based fees which could cost hudreds or even thousands.

We will then complete your tax return and send this to you through a secure method.

If you are satisfied with the completed return, you will need to email us confirming this.

We will then subimt your tax return to HMRC online and HMRC will process your CIS refund, usually within 2-4 weeks of receiving the tax return.

How much does it cost?

Our fee for a CIS tax return starts from £180.


This is based on you providing all the relevant information. 

There are no  additional fee or hidden charges. 

 We will clearly set out our fair fee before any work is carried out. 

The next step.... Get in Touch

Our  team is made up of a tax advisors with years of experience in dealing with returns for CIS workers.

It's what we do on a daily basis and enjoy doing.

So if you’re looking  for a fair fee alternative to complete your CIS tax return, then get in touch.

We’re more than happy to have a chat and explain to you how we can ease the pain and take away the stress.  

start your CIS tax return TODAY

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